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Soap Maker at Her Shop


Ayuu Health Care, one of the largest manufacturers of herbal products in the country, was set up in the year 2003 in a small town of Abrama – Valsad, Gujarat. The brand’s focus, since its inception, has been on manufacturing hair and skin care products with maximum proportion of herbal extracts, making them the only brand in fulfilling the herbal promise.

The basis of Ayuu Health Care is the ideology of Ayurveda, traced to 5000 years back in the History. The healing properties in the products set the brand apart. Ayuu Health Care has been winning the customers’ confidence since the past 17 years now.

The wide product range, all hand-made products, come in various categories from hair care, skincare to face care and grooming products for men. All of Ayuu Health Care products are made in India, providing employment to the rural population and fulfilling the goals of rural development.

Our vision, since our inception, has been to walk on the path of sustainable development and go back to the world of nature. Our mission is to provide the best of herbal products to our customers and walk every extra mile for them to experience the ultimate benefits of the nature.

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